NANNM take off “Sexy Nurses Night Banner in Lagos

The news of a club (identified as Boilers) as using the gains of misconceptions about Nursing as portrayed by quacks through a banner picture of “customed individuals” in almost Naked pictures has met the anger of Nigeria Nurses. The banner contained descriptions of a night event tagged “Sexy Nurses Night”. The Lagos state branch of the National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives on Monday has met such display with fury through a visit and press released quoted below:

Happy weekend to the Comrades in the house, We visited the above named Club yesterday with some of our National officers from Abuja.
The management immediately removed the banner and tendered unreserved apology to the entire Nurses in Lagos state and Nigeria, they also promised that such a thing would never repeat itself. We appreciate the concern and support of all our members towards the fight against quackery in nursing and the upliftment of the nursing profession in Nigeria. We are still looking forward for more support, encouragement and active participation in the fight against the negative forces that want to pull the profession down in whatever formSolidarity For EverComrade Shaba
Vice Chairman, NANNM LAGOS

Reactions have trailed the move from Nurses in Nigeria and Abroad over how fast response met the situation. According to the Facebook pages of the Lagos State NANNM chairman, he said:

Source: HealthInformcorner