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How to make Simple Unoccupied Hospital Bed

The bed is the most important and essential piece of furniture in the ward. It is the most noticeable to one entering the ward and is the one which, perhaps, concerns the patient most, and upon which his comfort largely depends, as he spends most of his time in it. It also perhaps concerns the nurse most, as the greatest part of her work is around, and with the bed. Its appearance can make or mar the whole appearance of the ward. The manner in which it is made can make or mar the patient's comfort, and therefore hasten or delay his recovery.

The standard hospital bed is a single bed, six feet and six inches long, three feet wide, and twenty-six inches from the floor, made of steel or enameled iron tubing which does not harbor bedbugs. It is simple, free from decoration, knobs or angles, light, easily moved, convenient to handle, easily cleansed and disinfected, an possesses strength and durability. The height and size while not always comfortable to the patient are convenient to the nurse and doctor in the care of the patient. The castors are made of hard rubber or hard rubber tire, and are an important factor in moving the bed without jarring the patient. The springs are usually the national or woven wire which are the most durable and sanitary.

(Text from The Principles and Practice of Nursing - Bertha Harmer, B.Sc., RN, (c) 1922. Photo of a ca. 1947 ward from the RGH Photograph Collection)