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Recall that in 2017, in a similar workshop, calls were made to take License Renewal digital and to have a platform for the tracking of Nurses Home and abroad. This gave birth to Professional Update Form (PUF)

And all Nurses linked to NMCN in one way or the other were mandated to complete the PUF

However, PUF is ongoing for those who haven't done theirs because "no PUF means no more license renewal"

Almost two years later after the roll out of PUF, NMCN has finalized and launched the 100% online renewal of license and possible change of Name (for only concerned female Nurses)

The objectives of this lecture by the end of this lecture, listeners are expected to:

Demonstrate optimal knowledge and skills on Online License Renewal of licenseDemonstrate optimal knowledge and skills on Online change of nameAppreciate NMCN effort in making this dream a reality Shun every act of corruption in respect to license renewal?


-Visit council site

-Check the top right corner for a license renewal icon


Visit to be taken directly to the licence renewal platform


When on the license Renewal platform

-You must create an Account by clicking on "Register"

This is just like signing up that we normally do when joining a new platform. After clicking on "Register", to (3) options exist for your background (specialty) here

Nurse (for general Nursing)Midwife (for basic Midwives)Psychiatry (for basic Psych Nurses)

(Either of these 3 will serve as your specialty) Once you've chosen your specialty

There's a bar for input of your license number, go ahead and enter it.

Then enter your Surname in the space provided (ensure that it's the same surname with the one on your expired license).

Then enter your phone number immediately you get to this point, a message will be sent to your email and phone from NMCN the message will bear a six digit code (like an OTP that expires after 15minutes).

This is a form of fire wall or security check to ensure that the owner of the PUF is the same person attempting renewal. Recall that when doing your PUF, you entered an email address and your phone number. Those two are the contacts that will receive your OTP

OTP means "One Time Password"

You'll see where to enter the OTP, once done, the platform will take you to a page where you can create your login details (ie sign up)

There, you'll have to select a Username and a Password (ensure you select what you'll always remember because that would serve as your details for subsequent renewal on the platform as you'll have to 'sign in' with that detail each time you want to renew your license).

No PUF no License Renewal

Once you've chosen a Username and Password and confirms the Password, submit and you're good to go. You can now go back to the site and 'sign in' once you've successfully signed in, half of the work is done

On this note, I'll like to advise us to try and create an account with NMCN licence renewal portal as soon as possible and keep our Username and Password safe. Even if you're not going to renew soon

That way, you'll have your Username and Password locked to your name and license No

Because if the username has been taken, you'll have to modify

This is my own tip Sha, since the Username and password would be valid lifelong. After signing up, the Online License Renewal is a special package with 3cardinal areas to make life easy for all Nurses

Online applicationOnline Payment (for those opting for card payment, it's direct but those who need to pay in the bank, it generates RRR directly via Remita which the applicant can use for payment at the bank)Preferred pick up point by the applicant

Point 3 makes it easy for Nurses to pick up their renewed license from any state in the country (ie bye bye to Abuja trip)

Let's take them one at a time:

1. Online Application

Ensure that

you have your passport scannedyour documents are scanned (documents include: your certificates, MCPDP, any other qualification.

Source: Nursing World Nigeria