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It is not a news to many nurses on the document that was release by NMCN on the restructuring taking place in nursing profession, this is what we have been yearning for many decades ago in order to allow for career progression and give specialty more recognition in the academic arena which will boost the image of nursing as every nurse will face his or her career as been practise by the doctors. I must commend NMCN particularly the secretary general who on his ascension to the office brought tremendous progress to nursing, "sir you may stumble on my article, I want to say thank you sir on behave of all Nigeria nurses, even though some may not see the good at the beggining" how ever we need to draw the attention of the council to the possible challenges and probable solution to them in my own opinion.

1. Dichotomy among nurses: After I read through the circular sent to teaching hospitals to affiliate with there mother university, the major thing I see is that at the end of the day there will be division in nursing as there will be two different group which are the post graduate diploma and the post graduate masters. It is not a breaking news anymore on the so call dichotomy been remove from among the HND holder and degree holder, even though both will start on level 8 but while the formal stop on level 14 unless there is an additional qualification, the later will progress to the level 17 ( for non medical) while all this are happening in my opinion l don't think nursing to go through such again because for example both PGD and masters in peri operative nursing will likely have the same training which will bring enimity in the clinical.

2. Disunity: At this time it is the unity of nursing that should be prioritized because now that nursing in now on real career path, unity is needed to be a driving force, how ever all that may happen now is disunity because there will be strive among nurses that will lead to further separation as we saw between NANNM and GNAN some few years ago.

3. Fate of those that have done post basic and degree, how they will be integrated to the scheme. So that everyone can move at the same time.

1. Dichotomy: School of nursing should be encourage to  move to the university so that rather than having PGD, everyone goes for masters, I believe it is achievable, also if it will be like that then PGD and the masters should have different syllabus which will give a distinct clearance which will be visible to the blind and audible to the deaf I.E masters will be more encompassing than PGD.

2. Disunity: Refer to the number 1 probable solution every one though in the Some specialty but different certification will know there limitation and there by role conflict will not exist at all. Every nurse will practise based on what is or she is licence to do for example a nurse consultant have different role from a nurse practitioners as seen in develop countries.

3. Fate of those who already have post basic and degree, for degree holder who also have post basic certification should have a refresher course, write university exam and be awarded masters degree certificate. Let me stop here for now. How ever I salute the doggedness of Nigeria nurses from council, to nannm, to other stakeholders in nursing profession to see the light coming up in nursing. Thanks.

God bless nursing profession.
God bless NANNM.
God bless NMCN.
God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.
#victoria ascerta.

I remain Nurse Oluala Joshua Tunde ( RN, RPoN, BNSc.)

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