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Restructuring of the Current Post Basic clinical Nursing Specialty Programes in to Post Graduate Programmes For The Award Of Academic Certificate

Restructuring of the Current Post Basic ClinicalNursing Specialty Programes in to Post Graduate Programmes For The Award Of Academic Certificate.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria after due approval by the Governing Board at its 41th General Meeting held in Abuja on 18th - 20th December, 2018. Is embarking on the Restructuring of the Current Post Basic Nursing Specialty Programes. This part ofbthe Nursing Education reforms is geared towards ensuring that the graduates of these programmes are being awarded commensurate academic certificates. This will pave way gor career progression inline with satisfaction among the professionals.

1. All current Hospital Based post basic Nursing Specialty Programnes should be affiliated to or assimilated in to their parent universities and be operated either as post graduate programmes or Masters Programmes in Nursing Specialties.

2. Each Teaching hospital in conjunction with either university should consider their areas if strength and decude on which post Graduate Orogarammes in clinical Nursing Specialty to take up.

3. Each Post Graduate clinical nursing specialty programme shall be operated by department/faculty if nursing in conjunction with the Teaching Hospital inline with the guideline of post Graduate School of the university as approved by National University Commission (NUC).

4. Gradauate of B.Sc/BNSc from a recognized department/faculty of nursing with Good grades shall be eligible to proceed for Master's in any specialty of choice while those with lower grade shall go for PGDN before proceeding for Masters in Nursing.

5. Successful Graduate of the Higher National Diploma (HND) Nursing programme shall be eligible to go for Post Graduate Diploma in any clinical Nursing specialty of choice.

6. Irrespective ofbthe year of Graduate the basic entry requirement shall remain Five (5) O' level credits in English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physe and Biology at not more than twice.

7. The management of Teaching Hospitals currently running post basic clinical nursing programmes should release and sponsor some of the academic staff for masters anad PHD in Nursing Specialty areas, they wish to run in order to strengthen the manpower nesds for running these programme.

8.The Nursing and Midwifery Council Of Nigeria in collaboration with (NUC) Department/Faculties of nursing andbsome coordinators are working on the minimum Benchmark/Academic standard for the various Post Graduate programmes in a variety of specialty araes. These shall be made available to the instructions in due course.

9. From the years 2023, that is five (5)years from now, the Nursing nad Midwifery Council of Nigeria shall cease to register and licence gradauate from any institutions running post basic clinical nursing programmes that have not been recognised in line with the councils requirements as enunciated above.

The council hereby appeals to all proprietors of post basic Nursing specialty programmes to engage with their parent universities and workout modalities fir a smooth transition a reform in to new structure.

Thank you for supporting the council for promote and maintain excellence in Nursing and midwifery education anad practice.



.Good move for nursing progression, the transition of RN to BSc holders of 1to 2 years as obtainable in our neighboring countries should b looked into as soon as possible in the spirit of these progressive thinking strides to make room for those who graduated with RN to get their BSc and follow suit with the masters and PHD aspirations for the good of all of us. Its like the RNs av not been given a much considerations and workability steps to help bring them on d same page.The HND program dies not picture in the RNs to get their HND neither were was d conventional BSc programs of universities give RNs a hood atmosphere to come in.pls I salut all ur developmental strides but more still the provision of RNs with 1 to 2 years to av their BSc should b included ,worked out and approved. thanks .I'm ur colleague: Mrs. Igbikinyo William.