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Approval uniform
1. Nurses should have different Uniform from White as white become symbol of all health related profession and quacks

2. To rise the profile and status of Nurses start with proper identification and Uniform is first Identification.

3. It will provide self confidence to Nurses.

4. Let's leave white for ceremonial events and programs.

5.  White has been observed to be easily stained by blood and other body fluid that is why Navy blue, Sky blue and green colours  were proposed to be used by nurses across the globe because even if they are heavily  stained by blood or other body fluid it  can not be easily identified and they are less glaring to the eye (reflecting)

6. lets there an over all color, this chosen color shld be use in hospital premises

8. let there be UNIT specific scrub as A&E staff use in there unit, Paediatric unit shld have there own color diff with odas and O&G staff should there own.

9. There is no problem with changing it but who has the mandate of doing that? There seem to be a little arguement whether it is NANNM or the directorate of nursing if at all there is need it should be done thw right way that is my opinion?

10. Nurses/MIdwifes white uniform has been abuse by other health profession.. E.g Chew, EVT, Health information officer even some laborers do put on Nurses white uniform. 

when u look at d hospitals,  especially in northern part, d ambition of every hospital staff to wear white, which is only main for us,,( Nurses),

Though wearing color uniform it is a symbol of neatness but is misuse by other quacks in the hospital settings.

Opinion by Salisu Umar  There is nothing wrong in wearing your uniform to whereever you qiah to go with the exception of parties may be. In my 31 of practicing nursing I have always qorn my uniform proudly amd it has accorded me great respect from the public and has opened to me more doors than I can remember. Even when an order was given that we should avoid wearing uniform to work but at work because BH are lookind gor health workers to take I never stopped wearing mine. I have been treated to such levels that I never expected in markets super markets and filling stations. It is just that nurses of nowadays don't like wearing their uniforms always they want to appear as Doctors around the hospitals. Me I worn my uniform always and I have never left my house to work in mufti to change in the hospital I always wear it to work and I have no regrets and to there is insult in wearing uour uniform to the market on yoir way home from my staff have been embarassed for not wearing their uniforms. During curfews. This is my opinion please.

This is what the design of male nurses uniform internationally I adopted it from a set brought to me from UK 1995 since then I have sown my uniforms in this format and to me we have no quarrel with the design our problem os beacuse we have allowed others to use the uniform unchallenged right now in Kano it is the adopted uniform of Dental tech people and we are trying to change color besides in kost setyings people now uae theatre outfits in the wards.

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Unknown said…
Yes ooooo
I can't wait for it to be changed please.
The white stuff should be worn on ceremonial occasions.
Since I started practicing I've never measured let alone sew white even.
Scrub all the way
Unknown said…
Uniform is a means of easy identification and infection control mechanism. In my own opinion colour of nurses and midwives uniform should be based on the institution be it blue, pink or green. What matter is our behaviour. Nurse/midwives behavior should distinguishing where ever Tags is good but my concerns is the for the illiterate individuals.
Suj said…
I support the opinion that the white uniform should be changed to scrubs. One acceptable color for the hospital, but different colors for designated units like A E, paediatrics and O and G. Our uniform is our dignity and so should be respected. Wearing uniform to markets and super markets to buy food materials and others makes you look like quack and so degrading to you and even the proffession. Please let's respect our uniforms.

For the purpose of infection control,wearing your uniform home after working in the hospital is wrong. Some places like chest unit, medical wards and so on are not not where after the body fluid contacts, you wear it home and be hugged by your kids or any member of the family. Please let's be more cautious.
Unknown said…
I can't wait for the change of white ooo. I don't tire. Is a welcomed opinion to change
Unknown said…
I support the motion too. The uniform should be changed!!!
Unknown said…
Motion supported! Everyone wants a change as white has been in use for decades and has also been misuse by quacks but changing of the uniform shouldn't be as if we have won the fight against quackery, the fight should continue and quackery should be stopped in nursing.