NANNM take off “Sexy Nurses Night Banner in Lagos



Am excited to see and be a part of wat the new generation of Nurses are bringing to the table in terms of Transformation, innovation, productiveness and Dedication of Time, Resources and Energy to ensure Nursing rise to the position she Belongs.

Nursing in Nigeria  can be defined as the sum process of all actions and inactions of Nurses in Nigeria Nobody would come from any part of the world to fix this profession for us One of the things we lack in Nursing is building strategic relationships with stakeholders and key influencers. 

I also believe that we can't shy away from political participation hence, this wonderful platform was created Doctors are gaining relevance in almost all strata of Of government because they make  smart political decision and don't just talk.

The public don't know what nurses can do and hence, relegate us to what they feel, hear or watch on movie. You can be the smartest nurse, but most people will prefer an advice from a medical school dropout. Such is the deterioration of public confidence on the professional skill of nurses in Nigeria and Africa.

The challenges of Nursing in Nigeria Is not a challenge we can solve by crying about being victimized, as we  totally and solely responsible for our public image and public perception Nurses, through our  actions and inactions have created the current poor image we are experiencing today. we may not be directly responsible But collectively, 

we have all become victims awe must work together towards changing the narrative of Taking Nursing in Nigeria to a Global standard.

This can be done through
▪Personal and professional development
▪Creating local and international strategic relationships
Strategic thinking and planning
Commitments to overall professional objectives and ensuring that personal interest do not endanger our collective goals
▪Public impacts through Nursing experience, research and healthcare innovation and transformational leadership
▪Public health advocacy and socioeconomic advocacy
▪And by becoming opinion moulders through various media platforms just like Lead Nurse Africa

The world is Investing in healthcare access and in strenghtening the healthcare system.
To achieve all this requires huge efforts and sacrifice  from every single Nurse in Nigeria irrespective of our cadres.

Great Nurses!  Great Nurses! That we chant during rallies and confrences   won't make us great no mater how loud we shout it.
Greatness comes from creating values and solving problems that the Nation and Global community would appreciate in every stage of their lives, Power is not given  And no one becomes rich by demand but by the value he or she has to offer to her community, Our hope, aspirations and victory will only come from our actions and determination to take Nursing to the next level, As a nurse and nurses, how do the general population feel us each day, That's why we also need to invest heavily on our personal and professional capacity Get exposed, learn soft skills When we open our mouth, we tell the world who we are Colleagues, we are here to change the narrative and to begin a journey that will add value to our society and also improve our professional experience. Nursing is the oldest of all  Arts and yet the youngest of all professions @⁨Bayem⁩ quote.

What are we doing differently from what those that have been here before us?
Let's do something that the future generations of  Nurses would be excited to pride in themselves as Nurses.

If this is the profession we have chosen, then we must do all within our capacity to make it Enviable Do something different, don't just talk, Together Nursing in Nigeria would be Great again.

Thanks from Lead Nurse Africa
Am your Descendant of Nightingale
Princewill Aghedo For Lead Nurse Africa