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The healthcare industry is one of the world's largest and fastest-growing industries. Consuming over 10 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) of most developed nations, health care can form an enormous part of a country's economy.
A nurse entrepreneur uses his or her background in professional nursing to start their own business within the healthcare industry. Business ventures established by registered nurses run the gamut from medical devices and home health products to independent nursing services such as patient care, nursing education, home health services and consulting work. The day-to-day responsibilities of a nurse entrepreneur depends upon the specific venture, but usually includes activities related to running a business including accounting, marketing or sales, and developing a customer base.

The various opportunities beyond the scope of practice in health care set up, I have outline 60 opportunities you can venture into as a Nurse.

1. Concierge Nurse/Nursing

Concierge Nurses work on retainer for specific patients or organizations and often travel to their patients to provide care. These are Nurses who goes to patient home to provide health care for their patient.
These type of Concierge Nursing entails that the Nurse should have his/her own instrument (tools) such as Sphygmomanometer, Stethoscope, Glucometer, Torch light (for checking of pupil) Urinalysis, Mini scale, Tape Rule, First Aid kit Box ETC. Such items are easily to come by.

2 Doula Midwife
Doulas Midwife are professionals who provide various services to make the childbirth process easier and more comfortable for parents. These set of midwife, have a mini space where pregnant women comes for Antenatal care.

3 Acupuncturist Nursing
Acupuncture is another alternative health solution. With some training, you can offer acupuncture services out of your own clinic or spa type business.

4 *Concierge Psychiatrist*

On the mental health side, you can be trained as a psychiatrist in a License institution who can diagnose and treat mental conditions using a variety of methods, including medication. And you treat mental cases in the patient house or set up a Mental Health facility where you received Mental health cases and you invite a Psychiatrist (Doctors) to review the patient along with you.

5 *Massage Therapist*
You can also get trained and certified as a massage therapist and start a business at your own location or even travel to work with clients.

6 *Nutritional Nursing*
If you want to help people improve their nutritional intake and habits, you can build a business as a nutritionist.

7 *Blood Bank Operator*
You can also start a blood or plasma bank that collects donations from people and distributes them to medical facilities when needed. I know a Nurse who is now into blood bank business Club 24 and is a secret bloody money No body is aware of..... A pint of blood now is 18k 🤷🏽‍♂

8  *Medical Equipment Distributor/Manufacturer*

Hospitals, doctors’ offices and other medical facilities need a huge variety of different supplies. So you can start a business that specializes in a certain type of medical supply and then sell items directly to those facilities. All you have to do is liase with a company and sales why you find an Hospital that want to buy and you serve as a middle man... Most MD are too busy to go to the market and even if they do, how will they know original?

 9 *Health Blogger*

If you’re knowledgeable about health related topics, you can start a blog or website aimed at offering advice or insights on certain areas of health or overall wellness. Hope you know you can make money from blogging and Websites?

10 Health Related Show or YouTube Channel Producer

Likewise, you can start your own show or YouTube channel to share your health related insights with a more video focused audience. All thanks to Nurses on Air, @⁨Nx Josiah Jayjayprof⁩ Pinnacle Fm and all other Health TV stations coming up.

11 *Wellness Coach*

If you prefer working with people in more of a one-on-one setting, you can start a business as a wellness coach where you can provide advice and coaching on things like nutrition and fitness.

12 Scrubs Retailer
Doctors, nurses and plenty of other medical professionals wear scrubs to work. So you can open a store that sells those items for medical professionals. Some of you can even sew or have siblings that sew clothes or friends why not partner with them to make 22nd century scrub...

13 *Medical Bookstore Owner*
You can also open a bookstore, either in person or online, that specializes in selling medical and wellness related books and publications.

I hope you know how much Rose and Wilson, Brunette and suddath, Myles, to mention but a few cost now??

14 *Medical Transportation Provider* (Ambulance services)
For people who need non-emergency transportation to medical appointments or facilities, you can start a service specifically to provide transportation to those patients.

15 *Home Healthcare Assistant.*
If you’re a healthcare professional, you can also provide in-home care to patients who need someone to look after them on a fairly regular basis.

16 *Weight Loss Clinic Operator*
Or you could focus specifically on consumers who want to lose weight, offering consulting services to help people with their diets and fitness activities.

I hope you know an obese person will do anything to lose some kg

17 *Maternity Home*

If you are a Registered Midwife, you have the license to set up a maternity home without supervision from the medical officer provided you have 5 years Post Qualification Experience.... Even if you don't have the 5 years post Qualification Experience, you can Employ someone who do just the way I did.

18. *Nursing Home*
If you are a Registered Nurse (RN) Your license has given you the authority to set up a Nursing/(Convalescents) home without the supervision of the Medical Officer.

19. *Hospital*
As a Nurse you can set up an Hospital provided you *EMPLOY A MEDICAL OFFICER WHO IS 5 YEARS POST QUALIFICATION* while you become the operating officer.

20 *Political Nursing*
Join a political party, be reliable and active and liase for the contract of taking of the health needs of the politicians in your party most Especially During Rallies and Convention this is how you get Nomination for Minister of health or Commissioner or CMD when your party wins.... It is also a means of investment!🤷🏽‍♂


You care for children during the day, while their parents are at work or otherwise occupied. You can start a day care center right in your own home. You will need to purchase small chairs, a table, toys, games, outdoor play items. Maybe you already have a lot of this stuff because you have small children of your own. There are about few day care centers in the Nigeria that are licensed. The price charged for each child ranges from #5000 to #10000 a week. You’ll only need half dozen kids to make this a high-profit venture.

Most states require a license to run a day care center. There are several steps involved in getting a license. Call your local State Department of Health and Human Resources to determine the correct office that regulates child care in your state. Call that office and ask for a copy of regulations governing child care centers. Arrange a meeting with a licensing specialist to review the procedures to obtain your license. Some of these day care centres in the this  Nigeria are Quacks the day a child will miss or die in their custody they are in trouble but as a Nurse you already have a license. 😂🤣🤣😅😅😅 Hallelujah!!!!


Outside of the hospital setting many opportunities exist for nurse educators. Common settings for nurse educators include; medical device companies, community/government, pharmaceutical companies, research, medical clinics, education companies, and colleges. The opportunities are rapidly expanding due to the growth of online jobs, and the possibilities for self-employment.

As a nurse, you can make more money by teaching student nurses at any nursing school or certification program around you. Start by searching the web for training programs for nurses and apply for the position of a tutor. While this business option won’t make you rich, it will fetch you enough cash to pay some bills.


Owning your own business as a nurse navigator would be ideal for nurses who understand insurance policies and who can help patients obtain the care they need. This opportunity is ideal for nurses who enjoy paperwork and research in addition to helping their patients.


If you love sharing health knowledge and teaching people about diseases or healthy living, teaching/public speaking may be a great side hustle for you. You can offer your services to community health organizations, hospitals or colleges/university continuing education programs. Pick your topic and contact the education department to see how to get started.

Those are just two of the many side businesses that nurses can start to boost their earning potential. Your side business doesn’t have to be related to your career as a nurse. If you enjoy making jewelry, you could sell your creations. If you enjoy cooking, you could offer personal chef services on your off days. The possibilities are truly endless.

Student Nurse should be your target... Extra curricular lecture is not a bad idea...


Rehabilitation counselors work with people who have physical and emotional disabilities that do not allow them to live independently. They provide therapy for the patients so they can begin to handle tasks on their own. Many of these men and women will start off as nurses who want to do more to help their patients. They will transition from hospitals and clinics to work in rehabilitation agencies, schools, prisons, and also go into private practice.


As a business opportunity, a nurse can become a Life Care Planner helping terminally ill or long-term medically needy patients with their plan of care. In order to become certified, previous experience is required.


You can start a nursing recruitment agency and earn a living. There are many countries in the world with a huge gap to fill in terms of nurses, you can capitalize on this void and cash in on the gap. With the connection and experience with immigration and visas, you can become a recruitment agent and earn a good living.
In Nigeria now, so many agencies are springing up recruiting Nurses for companies and hospital while they divide then full salary of first month or take Everything at first depending on the agreement sign.


Telehealth nursing refers to the use of telecommunications and information technology in the provision of nursing services whenever a large physical distance exists between patient and nurse, or between any numbers of nurses. This is another business opportunity for you as a nurse to start the business which can even be started from the comfort of your home. Create a WhatsApp group and start teaching people about wellness and fitness... By doing so you are building a brand and when people know you, you will begin to take a fee from members.


As a Nurse, you can liase with Nursing council to help Nurses all over the world Renew their License faster I hope we know you can renew your license even without Doing MCPDP 😊 Na black market sha..... But even with MCPDP your license could be out in a week.


An esthetician is someone who specializes in the skin care of others, mainly focusing on the face. The main objective is to improve the appearance of the client’s face through non-surgical means. A private consultation and evaluation helps the esthetician understand the client’s needs and gain their trust. Estheticians may work independently from home with established clientele; however, most estheticians start their career working in a salon or a health spa.

Once the esthetician has the experience and their clientele base has grown, they may start their own business. Starting a business requires the esthetician to be an independent person willing to manage their time and inventory properly. Marketing their services effectively, keeping regular clients and having the ability to attract new clients at the same time will help an esthetician’s business grow and remain successful.


If logistics are your thing and you have a mind for efficiency, consider starting a business that provides mobile medical testing that lets patients easily get a flu shot, an eyesight or hearing test, a blood sugar or cholesterol reading and other preventative tests, in their neighborhood or at their offices.
Everyday in Nigeria, Programs are being organised rallies are being conducted, you could write to them to be their health provider or first Aider during their Event such as marriage, Funeral, Events, Politics rallies, church programs ETC.


Doing this kind of consulting for a law firm or insurance company, you may have to work in house for a while before being allowed to work from home. I have a friend that has been with the same law firm for 5 years now and does most of her work from home. This is a subject to discuss when applying for the job, because you just never know. You can venture into this business when you’ve acquired the experience.

Everyday Nurses are being sacked unjustly by this Private Hospitals, being beaten by patient of relatives, Medical officers now give Nurses urine to drink and bath them with patient Poo. You can partner with a Legal firm  to sue any Agency that Bring ill treatment to Nurses. All they have to do is complaints to you and you take it to your Law Firm. 😊


Yet another way to capitalize on your nursing acumen and expertise is by becoming a consultant. A consulting business in the nursing field can take variety of forms, which is why it’s such an attractive and rewarding side business opportunity. One potential option is advising small and medium-sized medical practices on the best way to employ their nursing firepower. You could also give advice to nurses on beneficial career paths and moves.

Also a Consultant is one who is train in a specific area of interest and as a midwife, Accident and Emergency Nurse, peri-operative Nurse, public Health, Paediatrics, you are a consultant in that specialty utilize it by offering a Consultancy services to client who need it.


As a nurse you could partner with Nursing council to Organised health programs inviting notable guest speakers to lecture and NMCN will accredit it with 3CMUE and the participants will pay not less than #20, 000 all you have to do is settle Nursing council and guest speakers, pay for venue. All Nurses that their license have expired Must attended to have the CMUE to renew their license.


You could be organising medical programs  is doing such as BLS, ACLS, ECG to people and you will partner with an Agency who have the knowledge you both negotiate how much the program will cost a participants.


These are Nurses who specialised in embalming dead bodies at home it is very expensive with an easy training, not everyone have a heart for it hence seeing an Embalmer to Embalm dead bodies at can be Herculean....

38 *Nurse Entertainer*

How about Organising event for Nurses like Nurses hangout, Nurses tour, Nurses moon, Etc studies shows nurses don't have time to Enjoy themselves even when they are off, they have no idea places to go to relax than a cinema.... You could just be ignoring a calling.... Organised event, Nurses pay for the Event and you bring in Various Artist to perform


These set of Nurses write a letter to offices such Schools, Banks,  industries for the purpose of Rendering services to check their health status as well as screen them while the company or schools pays on their behalf.

Presented by Nurse Idris Tilde.